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My Friends Chords

tabbed by sam douglas

i looked and found that there wasnt any acurate chords for beginers to learn
this song so here is wot i got and it sounds prettey acurate

intro Dsus2,Dsus2/F,G,C,Dsus2,Dsus2/F,G,Gsus,F6/9

Dsus2        Dsus2/F         G
My friends are so depressed
C(add9)     Dsus2
I feel the question
      Dsus/F        G
Of your loneliness
  Gsus  F6/9       Dsus2           Dsus2/F     G
Confide..., 'cause I'll be on your side
C(add9)       Dsus2     Dsus2/F    G C(add9)
You know I will, you know I will

D         Dsus2/F         G
X Girlfriend called me up
C(add9)     D
Alone and desperate
       Dsus/F        G
On the prison phone
C(add9)         D         Dsus2/F     G
They want... to give her 7 years
For being sad

C        Asus2
  I love all of you
C     D      A(add2)
Hurt by the cold
C        Asus2
So hard and lonely too
C     D      A(add2)
When you don't know yourself
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D         Dsus2/F         G
My friends are so distressed
C(add9)     D
And standing on
         Dsus2/F         G
The brink of emptiness
C(add9)     D            Dsus2/F     G
No words... I know of to express
This emptiness


G  F6   E       G6  F#7(add4)      F
        Imagine me taught by tragedy
C          Bsus      F5   F7
Release is peace
D         Dsus2/F         G
I heard a little girl
C(add9)     D
And what she said
           Dsus2/F         G
Was something beautiful
C(add9)     D            Dsus2/F     G
To give... your love
No matter what


Chords if u dont know em

Dsus2     232200
Dsus2/F   032300
G         300023
C         010230
Gsus      335553
F6/9      110001
C(add9)   030230
D         232000
Asus2     002200
F6        112000
E         001220
G6        000023
F#7(add4) 003400
F         112331
Bsus      254400
F5        000331
F7        112131