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Get Up And Jump Bass Tab

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Song: Get Up and Jump
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tabbed by: Ariel Orozco (

This tab is 100% correct. It's only the intro and main riff, but is tabbed as
how Flea play it, in his funk&punk video.


G ||----------------------------------||
D ||-2--------------------------------||
A ||---------4--5-5-5-5--16-16-16-16--||
E ||---0h3-4--------------------------||

[ Tab from: ]
G ||-----------------------------|----------------------------||
D ||---5----3----5----3----3h5---|---5----3----5----3----2h3--||
A ||-----------------------------|----------------------------||
E ||-3---xx---xx---xx---xx-------|-3---xx---xx---xx---xx------||
     P S    S    S    S    S       P S    S    S    S    S

G ||-----------3---------3----3h4--|-----------3---------3----3h4-------||
D ||------5---------5--------------|------5---------5--------------3h5--||
A ||-------------------------------|------------------------------------||
E ||-0h3----xx---xx---xx---xx------|-0h3----xx---xx---xx---xx-----------||

     P    S    S    S    S    S      P    S    S    S    S    S    S

	             --- HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE ---