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Breaking The Girl Chords

 From: Petar Piletich (
Subject: Breaking the Girl
Album: Blood Sex Sugar Magik, 1991
Artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Hi, this is my first tab, and I have noticed on the net that there is no other 
version (at least to my knowledge and I have looked around)of this phenomenal 
and beautiful song on the net except with the capo on the 4th fret. What about 
us people who don't have a capo? I think there is a great number of us on the net, 
and I have tried to help them and myself in tabbing this great song. 

Standard Tuning, EBGDAE.

Bearing in mind that this is my first tab, I am totally open to all corrections, 
suggestions and the like.
With that having been said, let's do it:

Chords Used:

A: x02220
G: 320033
D: xx0232
C: x32010
F: x33211
Am: x02210
E: x22100

INTRO (strummed lightly):

A, G, D, A x2

Kiedis begins:

  A     G    D           A
 I am a man cut from the know
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 Rarely do friends come and then go

 She was a girl, soft but estranged
  A          G       D        A
 We were the two our lives rearranged

  C         G         A
 Feeling so good that day
  C           G         F
 A feeling of love that day...


  Am          G           C           D
 Twisting and turning your feelings are burning 
 You're breaking the girl
 Am   G   C    D   F
 She meant you no harm
  Am            G           C           D
 Think you're so clever but now you must sever
 You're breaking the girl
 Am G     C  D   F
 He loves no one else

Verse 2 follows, with the same chords as verse one, and then another chorus comes in. 
After the chorus, there's the "solo" part which is played: 
          Am - G  x8 (strummed strongly)

Then repeat chorus and that's it. 

Any comments? 
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