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The Family Chords

D                             F
Nannie's going crazy and she lost everything she had
C                Am                E
Jody's hooked on drugs we have her husband to thank for that
D                             F
Her kids are spoiled shits who seem to bitch nonstop
C                Am                E
And they're always finding new ways to piss Greg off
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G                                                F
And that's the family I've had to live with everyday
       C                Am     E
Me I'm prefect in every single way
If God would only make more of me
The world would just be dandy
       C     Am          E
But in stead God made my family

Jeremy's not so bad when you give Him a quarter sac
And Michael's pretty happy with a six pack
David's always gone God knows what he's hooked on
And Texas seems to be his second home

   (repeat chorus)