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Lost Chords

Artist: Ratatoskr [http://www.ratatoskr.tk]
Song: Lost

Intro: Am Em F G

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ratatoskr/lost_crd.html ]
      Am                       Em
 it's lost its grace, oh it is lost its heart
    F                         G
 to selfish to boughter about one of my thoughts
     Am                          Em
 the truth i don't seek, i never wished to be wise
    F                      G
 my world is in hiding, my world i can't find


    Am               G
 so please won't you ask me to stay
          F       G            Am
 it's the only protection from me

Verse 2:

 was always pretending and always so wrong
 no paper to write on to whome i belong
 that time heals wounds, oh did you ever believe
 the record is finished, you'll mind, you will see