Randy Rogers Band Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Again Chords
02. Before I Believe Its True Chords
03. Better Than I Ought To Be Chords
04. Buy Myself A Chance Chords
05. Buy Myself A Chance Tab
06. Come Pick Me Up (ver 2) Chords
07. Damn The Rain Chords
08. Didnt Know You Could Chords
09. Empty Glass Live Chords
10. Goodbye Lonely Chords
11. Holding On To Letting Go Chords
12. If I Told You The Truth Chords
13. Interstate Chords
14. Interstate (ver 2) Chords
15. In My Arms Instead Chords
16. Ive Been Looking For You So Long Chords
17. I Had To Give That Up Too Chords
18. I Met Lonely Tonight Chords
19. I Miss You With Me Chords
20. I Miss You With Me Tab
21. I Should Steal You Away Chords
22. Just A Matter Of Time Chords
23. Just Dont Tell Me The Truth Chords
24. Kiss Me In The Dark Chords
25. Kiss Me In The Dark (ver 2) Chords
26. Kiss Me In The Dark (ver 3) Chords
27. Kiss Me In The Dark Intro Tab
28. Last Last Chance Chords
29. Like A Flash Flood Chords
30. Like It Used To Be Chords
31. Lonely Too Long Chords
32. Lost And Found Chords
33. Lost And Found Tab
34. Lost And Found (ver 2) Tab
35. Missing You Is More Than I Can Do Chords
36. One More Goodbye Chords
37. One More Sad Song Chords
38. One Woman Chords
39. Somebody Take Me Home Chords
40. Speak Of The Devil Chords
41. Steal You Away Chords
42. Steal You Away (ver 2) Chords
43. Steal You Away (ver 3) Chords
44. Steal You Away (ver 4) Chords
45. Steal You Away (ver 5) Chords
46. Superman Chords
47. They Call It The Hill Country Chords
48. This Is Goodbye Chords
49. This Time Around Chords
50. Tommy Jackson Chords
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