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Just Call Me Lonesome Chords

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Subject: CRD:Randy Foster "Just Call Me Lonesome"
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               A                        E
Just call me lonesome, heartbroke and then some
                  B7                        E
Cause I ain't got no one, since youv'e been gone
               A                       E
You called me baby, now I've got a new name
                B7                                E
Don't need my old one, call me lonesome from now on
             B7                     E
You used to call me, your one and only
            A               B7
But now you only call me someone you once knew
You were my angel, before some stranger
             A                  B7                E
Stole your heart and stole my world when he stole you

               B7                E
I see you with him, and fall apart again
              A             B7
Remembering when I was the only man you needed
We said forever, we'd be together
           A                   B7             E
He came between us and now forever lies in pieces

                B7                                 E
I don't need my old one, call me lonesome from now on