Rage Against The Machine - Strange Noises Explaned From First Three Album Chords & Tabs


Strange Noises Explaned From First Three Album Chords & Tabs

Rage Against The Machine Chords & Tabs

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Strange Noises Explaned From First Three Album Tab

Hears a list of all the songs where tom uses weird noises and how to get them.

Rage Against the machine album

1. Bombtrack 
     no funky stuff as such. A bit of wierdness in the last chorus overdubb with the toggle switch.

2. Killing in the name
    Flanger on the intro. Over dubbed picksrapes (ramdom) in the last four times of 'now you do what they told ya' and 'fuck you...' solo: Dminor scale with whammy up 2 octaves

3. Take the power back.
     intro is tremolo picking on the high strings while sliding the left hand up the guitar. Then some volume swells. Solo is just straight D minor three note per string stuff.

4. Setle for nothing 
    atmospheric verses are played using volumes swells and harmony of whammy up 7th.

5. Bullet in the head.
     verse hit all strings with whammy up 2 octaves and use toggle switch to create rhythms, then dive-bomb with whammy bar. Next bit is harmonics at 7th fret on g-string with whammy up 2 octaves. scoop them with bar.
    solo is in E with wha. firs riff is played on both e-strings with togle and wah, next is a weired decending scale then Eminor pent.

6. Take the power back.
      intro: toggle switch and whammy harm. up 5th
      solo: whammy sim.  w/ bar and switch

7. Wake up
     very beginning: volume swell on D chord
     flanger during main riff.
shaft style guitar over dubbed in verse (mutting with wah)
Solo: switch with talk box (as sceen in livin' on a prayer by Bon Jovi)
Final solo rock out in Dminor with whammy up an octave

8. Fistful of steel
      beginning tremolo pedle with whammy on divebomb setting (down three octaves)
      verse: 9th fret on g-string rock whammy up on up octave setting
      solo: slide used on all strings with switch

9. township rebellion
      high noises 22nd fret on high e-string
      solo harmony up octave ( I think)
      final riff flange

10. Freedom
      high noises in main riff hit strings behind nut
      volume swells before verse
      to get tone in solo use neck pick-up on 0 tone

Evil empire.

1.  People of the sun

slide alen wrench on strings with neck pickup selected throught this song.

2.   Bulls on parade

First riff down octave harmoniser
wah on second riff
verse wah forward
solo war forward rub left hand on strings and use toggle switch

3. vietnow

down octave throught

4.  Revolver
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rage_against_the_machine/strange_noises_explaned_from_first_three_album_tab.html ]
long delay with whammy pedle down two octaves.
make delay shorter for high notes. (delay can act as a pitch shifter)
solo: unison bends and bounce somthing rubber on the strings (very hard to do) try a pencil with an erazer on it

5. snake charmer

Solo: feed back (microphonic). don't play anything and put wah forward, mute all the strings and move the tone controle and the pedle.

6. tire me

wha and three way toggle switch where the middle selection is not conected. (so twice as fast)
plays some notes.

7. Down rodeo

blip blip blip blip ect. sound is strings being prest against the pick ups repeatedley.

verse: tone 0 on neck pick-up

togle sitch and wah. bounce a slide on the high strings

8. without a face

verse: tremolo pick harmonic on fith fret d-string

chorus wha and e chord

solo bounce pencil on strings with 'slapback' delay

9 Wind below

intro play rif into delay on infenate repeats then use the delay time to speed up and slow down. us lots of chorus
verse: chorus effect up high and whamy up an octave or two
solo: same as verse but different riffs

10 roll right

feedback durring pauses in intro

pre verse long bends with chorus effect

solo: tremolo effect

breack down: wah with tremolo picking

11. year of the boomerang

whammy up 2 octaves intro main riff

Battle of L.A.

1 Testify

verse: whammy harmony up 7th, wha and tremolo pick low d-string with slapback delay
solo: unplug guiar and touch metal part of guitar w/ wah

2. gurilla radio

intro tremolo harmony up 5th

main riff down octave harmony

verse wah and cleaner tone

solo up two octave and wah

3. calm like a bomb

 intro up 2 octaves
solo: delay and whammy

4. mic check

verse clean tone and delay

pre solo delay and dist.
solo i) slide slide around strings with switch
    ii) slide hand around strings with wah and switch
   iii) dive with bar

5. sleep now in the fire

verse: harmony down 3rd

solo: feed back with whammy bar and switch

6. Born of a broken man

Verse: compresion and clean tone
Break: wah forward

7. Born as ghosts

verse. wha and whammy bar

solo i) wha and slide on strings
    ii) fast switch with various harmonys

8. Maria

verse: whammy down tone harmony
solo: whammy similar. side around the string with trem picking

9. voice of the voiceless

verse: feedback to G and various harmonies

10. New millennium homes

verse: wah froward
Solo: bends with up 7th harmony

11. Ashes in the fall

Whammy up 2 octaves with switch in intro

Verse: delay and rock whammy back

break down, go nuts with whammy

12. War within a breath

verse. whammy up two octaves