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You Never Wash Up After Yourself Chords

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Song: You Never Wash Up After Yourself
Performer: Radiohead
EP: My Iron Lung
Writer: Yorke/Greenwood/Greenwood/Selway/O'Brien

Transcribed by Aaron Heisler
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_Notes:_ Pretty little (very little, actually, 1:40
total) song from the My Iron Lung EP2 (also on the
Dutch/Australian 8 track pressing which is still in
print). It appears to have some sort of personal
significance to Thom - it has only been played once
live, and that was the recording which appears on the
EP. It has a very rustic atmosphere, which suits the
fact that it was in fact recorded on a fruit farm
before the Bends sessions had started.

_Effects:_ None - played clean (electric).

_Tuning:_ This song is played in standard tuning.

Define chords:

Dm - XX0231
G  - 320033
C  - X32013
F  - XX3211
Em - 022000
Am - X02210

_Rhythm:_ This song is played in 3/4. All chords are
played in arpeggio-sometimes with new bass notes.
Improvisation is the key! :-) I don't play this as
arpeggio when I do. Either way it appears that aside
from the bass note which is randomly selected only the
top three strings are played anyway.

Dm - 4 bars
G  - 4 bars
C  - 2 bars
G  - 2 bars
C  - 4 bars
F  - 2 bars
G  - 2 bars
Em - 2 bars  
Am - 2 bars 
C  - 2 bars
G  - 2 bars
C  - 4 bars

Then repeat this again. The whole sequence is played
twice - this is the _whole_ song! :-)

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