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Fat Bottomed Girls Tab

Tune the guitar to a dropped D (lower the low E to a low D) Most of the song is 
played on the D chord - 
---------|--2--2--  ETC...

If you play often with Dropped D, you know how to play the funky notes after 
they sing the chorus. Here are some ways to play them - 
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/q/queen/fat_bottomed_girls_tab_ver_2.html ]
The D chord with the ".."'s after it means to strum that chord as you want. This 
isn't a note-for-note transcription, its just to give you some ideas. 
Here is the rest of the song- (chords are tabbed at the end) 
      D                                                              A
I was just a skinny lad...(etc) But I knew life before I left my luxury...
      D                                G                             D
Left alone with big fat fatty, she was such a naughty nanny, you big woman,
           A              D
You made a fat boy out of me...

Chorus -

D             C            G       D          C                  A
Oh, won't you take me home tonite, Oh, Down beside your red fire light,
D             G
Oh, you gonna give it all you got, 
             D                  A            D
fat bottomed girls you make the rocket world round...

Here are the chords - 

D           000232
C           x32010
G           x20033
A           X02220