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Date: 2.11.02
From: Peter Horton
Subject: Calling The
Artist - Project Valkyrie

Csus4 // Fsus 4 // F // G# X4

Verse 1
I'm hot when I'm angry,
I'm cold when I'm down.
I'm sick and I'm tired,
Of being fucked around.
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Verse 2
I laugh when I love you,
I cry in my sleep,
I'd lie to be with you,
Yeah I guess I'm that weak.

Fsus2 // G#
My blood is crying for some ice in my veins,
I got a feeling shooting through to my brain,

Csus2 // Fsus2 // F // G#
Coz I can see the,  lights, are, falling, on you and me,
A new, day, is dawning, to set us free and,
Hear, them, calling, on out to you me.

Verse 3
I'm tired of hurting,
I'm sick of myself,
I've tried to be honest,
Being honest don't help.

Verse 4
I'm scared of tomorrow,
I'm in in fear of today.
I want to be with you,
But I can't ask you to stay.