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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Dmv Bass Tab

 This is tabbed for a 6 string because that is what I play however, it is done just the 
on a 5 string. Anyone using a 4 string who is far enough along in playing to tap these 
out should have no trouble in swapping the low-B notes to placement on the E.

 It has been a while since I tabbed anything, so I hope I remembered everything and made 
understandable for everyone. Note spacing may be off by a smidge, but if you start 
you will easily see where it all goes. This is tabbed according to how I learned
the song years ago with the help of some tab I had in a magazine at the time. Sorry I don't remember 
magazine or when, but it was not long after the song came out.

 The intro is as follows, minus the effects Claypool so dearly loves but which are not 
for this song.

 Everything in the first section is hammered on the low-B with the index or middle 
and all other notes are right hand taps, assuming you are right handed.


[ Tab from: ]

 During the verse (below) it is essentially the same thing, with only the low note 
from the 15th to the 3rd fret,  yet played the same way with minor variations here and there.



 Once you get it down, it is a pretty simple little run, fun to play and great for 
your friends, especially Primus fans. It looks tough when played, but really isn't all that 
unless you have a really high action or under-developed tapping strength.

 I will try to get the rest of the song tabbed out and add it later, but this should 
you something to work with, and the rest is really easy to figure out just using most of 
notes here.