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De Anza Jig Bass Tab

Song:       De Anza Jig
Artist:     Primus
Album:      Tales From the Punchbowl (great CD!!)
Tabbed By:  Mike Bottiggi

The old tab for this song (by Nathan Welton) was partially right, but the 
verse wasn't included, and a few notes were missing.  This is my intepretation 
of the song, I think it is pretty close to 100% accurate.  I have only been 
playing Bass for about half a year, so I could be off.  There are different 
ways you can play it, but this is how I do it, and it sounds decent.  

The parenthesis indicates variations that may (or may not) be played.  

G |-----------------------------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------|
A |--(2)3-----3--(x)3-----3--(0h3-----3--(0)3-----3-----|
E |--------3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3--|

It's easiest to use 3 fingers on this part, I'm willing to bet that Les does

G |---------------9999-7-------9999-7-------------------|  
D |------------10--------10-----------10----------------|  
A |-------7-10--------------10-----------10-5-5-7(p)5---|  
E |--(x)8-----------------------------------------------|  
Sorry, messed this part up the first time, these are the correct notes:
[ Tab from: ]
G |--------------9999-7------------9-7-5-5---------------|
D |-----------10--------10----(10)---------7-5-5---------|
A |------7-10--------------10--------------------7-5-----|
E |-(7)8--------------------------------------------(7)8-|
Verse			                (singing starts)
G |----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------2-----2-----------------2-----2--5--------|
A |----3-----3-----3-----3--------3-----3--5--5--3--------3--------5-----|
E |-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------2-----------------3--|

There are a few variations Les does, you can probably figure them out.  They 
are usually before he hits the C note (3 on A).  Here is the outro, in which 
he does a slight variation:  (variations are in parentheses)
    (Les yeehaa's)            
G |------------9999-7-----------9-7----------------------|
D |---------10--------10---(10)-----10-10-7-5-7-7--------|
A |----7-10--------------10-----------------------7-5----|
E |-78------------------------------------------------8--|

Outro x2
G |---------------9-7--------------------|
D |----------(10)-----10-10-7-5-7--------|
A |-3-----3-----------------------7-5----|
E |----3------------------------------8--|

This one is played on a banjo bass, but of course it sounds fine on an 
electric.  It should be real easy to piece the parts of the song together if 
you want to play it all the way through.  It's also a good song for 
practicing vocals while playing, especially if you haven't been playing long 
(like me).