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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:01:59 +1000
From: Dominic Alessio 
Subject: p/presidents_of_the_usa/

Title: Basketball Dream
Artist: Presidents Of The USA
Album: II

Tabbed by: Dominic Alessio (

Tuning: Normal tuning
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There's only one riff in the song, which keeps getting repeated

B|---3--3--3--| (repeat through whole song)

I had a dream.... Magic Johnston was ill
He autographed the ball.... small rubber bal
Ten feet tall.... big, big puffy shoes
Are the cameras on.... are the cameras on?
Set the ball down.... went out to the court
Shot a swish (laugh laugh)
Felt like a.... felt like a pillow
Went back to his spot.... Magic was gone
Same old ball..... time to go home

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