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Sunsets Chords

VERSE 1                              

A    E        G       D            A  E  G  D
Sunsets over the beaches from now on

A    E           G        D         A  E  G  D
Each day looking for new ways to go on 


 A                    E        G                   D
Maybe I soulde have droped by maybe I should have called

 A                    E              G              D
Maybe I sould have followed you and beat down your door

A                      E                G             D
Maybe its gonna be breaking you by the time that you fall
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E                                       F#          D    D
But to shower you with pity will do you no good at all, no good at all


 A    E             G         D            A  E  G  D
Slow burn watching the world turn from my arms

A   E            G        D              A  E  G  D
No way of measuring each day until its gone



A    E           G    D            A  E  G  D
Sunrise building a reprise in my heart

A  E         G         D                A  E  G  D
Regret tied around my chest plays its part


               A      E      G       D
Watching the sunset,sunset,sunset,sunset

          A         E      G        D
Over the beaches,beaches,beaches,beaches       
(two times)