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Horns And Tails Chords

Artist: Poison the Well
Song:Horns and Tails 
Album: Tear From the Red
Tabbed by:Color Me Misery
Standard ebgade
D7sus3   x7545x
G        xx4552
D        2320xx
BM       23442x
G/BM     x344x3
F        xxx1x1
G/D5     xx7553
F#       xx3442
D5       xx775x
E5       xx995x

:Intro: (figure out  number of times and how many times to repeat it yourself)
D7sus3  G

            D7sus3   G
Gray chairs cold but here for me

D7sus3     G      D7sus3
thankfully I don't miss your skin

G                          D
or the way that you always

BM   G/BM     D
have something to say

BM          G/BM     D
lose myself in you
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BM        G/BM
cut it into you

with my 

BM    G/BM    F
rusty fingers          

G/D5    F#                     G/D5
what I'd do for one more day

               F       G/D5  F#  F D7sus3
without you

G   D7sus3         G                      D7sus3
I'm leaving again on metal heart breaker

G               D7sus3            D 
all I wanted to say was (*** you)

BM   G/BM  D             BM     G/BM     D 
miles away but you still seem to be here

BM      G/BM  D        BM        G/BM   E5
I never took your eyes out of my bag