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Outkast Bass Tab

Song: Outkast
Artist: P.O.D.
Album: The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
Tabbed By: Cheran Shunmugavel

Drop D Tuning (DADG)

Alrighty, I think I got it for sure this time.
Again, e-mail any corrections to me.

Mild Intro
G |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
D |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
A |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
D |-12-12-12-12-|-12-12-12-12-|-14-14-15-15-|-14-14-14-14-|

Heavy Intro
G |---------|---------|---------|---------|
D |---------|---------|---------|---------|
A |---------|---------|---------|---------|
D |-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-|-2-2-3-3-|-2-2-2-2-|

G |---------|---------|---------|--------------|
D |---------|---------|---------|--------------|
A |---5---4-|---5---4-|---5---4-|---5555h6p5p4-|
D |-3---2---|-3---2---|-3---2---|-3------------|
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pod/outkast_btab.html ]
Chorus 1
G |--------------------|--------------------|
D |--------------------|--------------------|
A |--------------------|--------------------|
D |-0---3p2h3p2-0--2---|-0---3p2h3p2-0--1---|

G |--------------------|-------------------|
D |--------------------|-------------------|
A |--------------------|-------------------|
D |-0---3p2h3p2-0--2---|-0---3p2h3p2-0-2-1-|

Chorus 2
G |--------------------|--------------------|
D |--------------------|--------------------|
A |--------------------|--------------------|
D |-0---3p2h3p2-0--2---|-0---3p2h3p2-0--1---|

G |--------------------|--------------|
D |--------------------|--------------|
A |--------------------|--------------|
D |-0---3p2h3p2-0--2---|-0---3p2h3----|

Then return to the verse.  After the second verse,
reverse the order of the two choruses.  It's
rather easy to figure out.  When you get to the
break, you can play either the mild or heavy intros,
it doesn't matter.

The crazy ending is just a whole bunch of slides
on the 4th string (low D).  Have fun, and please
e-mail any corrections to me.