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All I Want Is You Chords

All I Want Is You - PlanetShakers

Verse 1:

 D            A              Em7              G  
  I've waited all my life to be here face to face
 D          A                Em7                G        
  I never knew that I could feel this kind of grace

Verse 2:

 D              A                Em7                G
  The way You show me that Your love has washed me clean
  D         A              Em7            G   
  Can never be erased, it lives inside of me


 Bm7                                A  
Take me to that secret place, where i can only see Your face 
     G                               Em7
And nothing else will ever feel this way
    Bm7                               A                
You take away my guilty stains, the things I've done that I can't change 
     G                          Em7
It's only by the power of Your name
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                       D                           A     
I stand here in this place, see the Glory on Your face
              Em7                G
Taken by the wonder of Your name
                        D                        E7/B
I'm desperate for Your touch, never needed it so much
Cos all I want is You

Verse 3: 

 D                A                   Em7            G
  When all the things around me have fallen to the ground 
 D             A               Em7              G
  I'm always thankful for the love in You I've found

Repeat Pre-Chorus 

Repeat Chorus three times


               D  A               Em7     G        
All I want is You, All I want is You
               D  E7/B            G      
All I want is You, All I want is You

Repeat Chorus and Bridge over as many times as you wish

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