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Wise Up Chords

                       Wise Up - Planet Smashers
Tabbed by: Andy Heidt

Tuning: standard

Intro/ PreVerse                      
  A   E   A   E

		  x3		       x1
|-7-----------5---|  |-7-----------7---|
|-7-----------5---|  |-7-----------9---|
|-7-----------6---|  |-7-----------9---|
|-9-----------7---|  |-9-----------9---|
|-9-----------7---|  |-9-----------7---|
|-7-----------5---|  |-7-----------7---|
  Bm          A	       Bm          E

Verse transition (between 1st and 2nd half of verses)
  A   E   
[ Tab from: ]
  A   E   D   E

Riding high on a losing streak out of touch with reality
Haven't left the house for over a week common sense has sprung a leak again
You've been burned and you felt the pain,
you run out and you do it again
Humanoids are hard to train shut your mouth and don't complain just
Wise up, wise up and you'll no how to do it right next time
You can't figure out what you want
losing your train wreck of thought think you're above the law but you're not,
learnt that lesson but you forgot
Your good life dreams a fake
Holding out for your big break
Keep repeating your mistakes wise up for your own sake just
Wise up, wise up and you'll know how to do it right next time
Still life keeps dragging on trying to figure out what went wrong
Later on may be too late the time is now to instigate a change