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Days Before You Came Tab

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Artist: Placebo
Track: "Days Before You Came"
Album: "Black Market Music"
Tabbed By: Colonel Psycho (

This is a tab of "Days Before You Came" in standard tuning.
I'm sick of this nonsense 'standard Placebo tuning' crap,
where it's in F#,Bb,Eb,G#,C,F -- freaky stuff, man!  So
this is in proper STANDARD tuning, ie EADGBE. What's the
point in tuning all the strings up just one semitone,
and bass E up two???  it's too scary to consider.  Could
Placebo REALLY be so monotonous that all their songs are
in the key G# major?  uh...  probrably not   :)

i'm keeping this tab short and sweet, so you'll have to
listen to the song and know it pretty well.

RIFF A (intro and verse)

lead guitar:

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rhythm guitar (comes in on third bar -- where the 3's start):

it's just a load of F#5's.  I think it's just meant to be played on the
lead guitar just as open bass-E string with the other stuff (except the
bass E string is tuned up to F#).  Whatever, it still works with a 2nd
guitar playing F#5, like this:

A |---4---|
E |---2---|

RIFF B (chorus bit, "won't you join me now...?")

Rhythm Guitar:

on that second part (played on the D string), you can play
a load of F#5 on another guitar with it.

Lead Guitar (comes in on second run, extra-heavy distortion):

b |-5-5-5-6-6-6-------4-4-4----|
g |-------------6-6-6----------|

RIFF C (Bridge-type bit -- "Didn't want you anyway!")

first a whole bunch of harmonics (best to just keep tapping and
holding fourth fret then letting go for a split second)

A |-(4)---(4)---(4)---(4)------etc-|

then play this picked hard...

A |-3---3---3---4---|

RIFF D (end)

right at the end whack this chord (after the very last
"Didn't want you anyway!")

g |-6---|
D |-6---|       (C#5)
A |-4---|

Well, that's about all the riffs in the song.  Hope this is some
help to all those others out there who hate having to tune their
guitar for one freakin' song needlessly!  :)