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xies -- NIMROD'S SON
(From the 'Come On Pilgram' album)

Still not sure what this one means (of course, that goes for
most every Pixies song) but you could certainly guess that
Black Francis isn't too crazy about his parents.  And of course
I've murdered the lyrics again.

Some chords you will need:
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pixies/nimrods_son_crd.html ]
  C#  G#  G   F#  F#/EA  B  D

s=slide   b=bend   r=release

[Intro chords:]

C#   G# G F#  F#/E [repeats]

[Solo starting third measure]

[Continue intro chords]

[Repeat this]
[And then add the chords:]
C# D B C#  C# D B C#

(The joke is not upon me ect...)