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Starry Starry Night Chords & Tabs

Pimpin Jesus And His Angel Bitches Chords & Tabs

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Starry Starry Night Chords

In Standard tuning

Verse 1                
 Starr starry night

 Windy rainy day
 I dream of you my leigh

 Just to hear you say
 I'm in love with you

 Won't you call my name
 Let's run away today 

 Far far far away
 It's time to come and play

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pimpin_jesus_and_his_angel_bitches/starry_starry_night_crd.html ]
 (C)     (G)    (E)   Oh my Jesus
 (C)     (G)    (E)   I don't want you
 (C)     (G)    (E)   I Wan't Satan
 (C)     (D)

Verse 2

 Underneath the stars

 Is where I watch you pray
 You pray for me to go

 One hundered miles away
 But I believe your mine

 I'll love you for all time
 Don't think of me that way

 I Just want you to stay
 Let's not speak of yesterday

Solo (i will submit at a later date)