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Collide Chords

Pilate - Collide

Intro: Just a simple Bm hammer on.


Chords used for the rest of the song:

A: 	X02220
A/F#: 	202220
E: 	022100
F#/A: 	204200
E: 	022100

So keep your promise to me
Tonight, tonight
Where have your eyes betrayed you?
Oh tonight, oh tonight
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You sell your secrets to me
For a price, for a price
You run your blade right through me 
My fears die, leaving yours alive
And though your lips pursue me
In the shadow of your eyes
Love and fear collide

Not sure, about you
Not sure, about you

It's not too late can we open the gate 
Girl I've been here before 
I've walked across these floors

My fears run 
what are you running from? (x3)
My tears run 
what are you running from? (x3)

Tabbed by: Astroboy90@hotmail.com