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Six-pack Summer Chords

C  Am   F  G
C            Am  F  G
(that's right)

                VERSE 1:
C      Am       F        G
Winter sure was cold and miserable
C          Am         F            G
Cooped up, shut down, baby, it was pitiful
C  Am        F           G
Anyhow, it's over now we owe
          C         Am            F    G
it to ourselves to have a little fun, yeah

                BRIDGE 1:
Em  F      Am         G      Em F         Am           G
        The pace car's pacin',     now the green flag's wavin'

[ Tab from: ]
C   Em          F        G
Uh, oh, another six-pack summer comin'
C           Em                 F         G
Sing to me, babe, I'll be your dashboard drummer
           C    Em        F             G      C   Am    F  G
And let's turn the radio up as loud as it can go, uh, oh
         C         Em          F        G
Got the ultra-ray wrap-around sunglass vision
         C         Em           F      G
Got the sails up, iced down, a cool ambition
           C         Em      F        G            C    Am   F     G
(Just to) relax and let the six-pack summer roll (oh yeah) (let's go)

                VERSE 2:
         C            Am               F             G
Got the sun block, a blanket, and the best of Jimmy Buffett
C               Am          F                 G
T-bones for the grill, hey, ain't it great to rough it
C           Am      F               G  C
The party's on from dawn 'til dawn, 24-7
      Am                 F  G
'til they pull the plug

                BRIDGE 2:
Em F  Am      G       Em F             Am       G
       No more waiting,     Come on and kiss me, baby

                REPEAT CHORUS
                REPEAT BRIDGE 2

                BRIDGE 3:
A# F  G                A# F  G
       Slow and steady,       I'm so ready

                REPEAT CHORUS

                FADE USING:
C   Am          F        G
Uh, oh, another six-pack summer comin'