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Girl Tab

Song : Girl
Artist : Phenix
Album : My Backyard EP

Tuning : 1/2 step down
intro :

eb-x(7)x                    x(12)x
Bb-x(7)x                    x(12)x
Gb-x(7)x                    x(12)x
Db-X(7)x                    X(12)x
Ab-X(7)x                    x(12)x
Eb-x(7)x over and over then x(12)x then back to the other one


Badd9 Badd9/E Aadd9/E Aadd9 Badd9
Badd9 Badd9/E Aadd9/E Aadd9 Badd9
Badd9 Badd9/E Aadd9/E Aadd9 Badd9
Badd9 Aadd9 E


D5/F# (F#add9 F#add9/E) Gadd9
D5/F# (F#add9 F#add9/E) Gadd9

[(xxx) means to play that like 4 times before going to the next chord)]

and that other part:


and then the ending:

Badd9 C Dmaj7

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Badd9: eb-0  Badd9/E: eb-0  Aadd9/E: eb-0  Aadd9: eb-0  E: eb-0
       Bb-0           Bb-0           Bb-0         Bb-0     Bb-0
       Gb-8           Gb-8           Gb-6         Gb-6     Gb-1
       Db-9           Db-9           Db-7         Db-7     Db-2
       Ab-9           Ab-9           Ab-7         Ab-7     Ab-2
       eb-7           eb-0           eb-0         Eb-5     Rb-0

D5/F#: eb-0  F#add9: eb-0  F#add9/E: eb-0  Gadd9: eb-0  Cadd9: eb-0
       Bb-3          Bb-0            Bb-0         Bb-0         Bb-0
       Gb-2          Gb-3            Gb-3         Gb-4         Gb-9
       Db-0          Db-4            Db-4         Db-5         Db-10
       Ab-0          Ab-4            Ab-4         Ab-5         Ab-10
       eb-2          eb-2            eb-0         eb-3         eb-8

C: eb-0  Dmaj7: eb-0
   Bb-1         Bb-3
   Gb-0         Gb-0
   Db-2         Db-4
   Ab-3         Ab-5
   eb-3         Eb-5