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Lonely Day Chords

The second submission is OK, but I think this is even more accurate.
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A       D              A            D
I could tell from the minute I woke up
                   A             D            A  Asus4
it was gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day
A        D              A               D
Rise and shine, rub the sleep out of my eyes
            A            D                A  Asus4
and try to tell myself I can't go back to bed.
                 Bm            E             A
It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day


           F#m                   B7
Everybody knows that somethin's wrong
            F#m              B7
But nobody knows what's goin on
        D                 A
We all sing that same old song
When you want it all to go away
it's shaping up to be a lonely day