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One Wish Chords

One wish (by Peto Vicky)

 Intro: Am / G / C / F
	C / G / AmF / Am

Verse 1.
Am		G
If I had one wish,
I'd wish for more.
C	       G		Am
'cause the world so big,
G				Am
And there are lot of things to do.

C	G	Am
Things to change,
C		G		Am
Maybe my wishes will come true
C	        G		Am
Maybe I'll find a Love,
C		       G
The one that will last forever,
F			Am
The one, that will be true
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Verse 2.
Am			G
Clear as a drop of water,
Bright like the Sun.
C	  G	   Am
I'd wish for peace,
G			Am
Peace in the whole World.

Verse 3.
Am 		G
No war, no blood,
No tears, no clouds.
C	  G 	     Am
To cover up the sky,
G			       Am
It is dark, the rain starts to fall.


Verse 4. 
Am			G
But my wish comes true,
The Sun comes  out.
C	   G   	      Am
The birds start to sing
G			      Am
I'd wish to have another wish!