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Right Field Chords

This is the first song my father ever played to me and one of peter paul and marys best
im surprised it wasnt here before. Submited By Justin Shivey at JustinShively_56@hotmail

Verse 1
[G]Saturday [G/F#]summers when [Em]I was a [G]kid,
We'd [C]run to the school yard and [Am]here's what we [D/F#]did,
We'd [C]pick out the [D]captains and we'd [C]choose up the [D]teams,
It was [G]always a [G/F#]measure of [Em]my self esteem.
Cause the [C]fastest, the strongest played [Am]shortstop and first,
the [C/G]last ones they picked were the [D/F#]worst.
[F]I never needed to ask, it was sealed,
I just [D/F#]took up my place in right field.

Playing [G]right [G/F#]field, its [Em]easy you [G/D]know,
[C]You can be [C/B]awkward, [Am]you can be [D]slow,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D/F#]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]
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Verse 2
Playing [G]right [G/F#]field can be [Em]lonely and [G/D]dull,
[C]Little leagues [C/B]never have [Am]lefties that [D/F#]pull,
I [C]dream of the [D]day, when they [C]hit one my [D]way,
[G]They never [G/F#]did, but [Em]still I would [G/D]pray,
That [C]I'd make a fantastic [Am]catch on the run,
And [C/G]not lose the ball in the [D/F#]sun.
And [F]then I'd awake from this long reverie,
And [D/F#]pray that the ball never came out to me.
Here in right f[G]ield, [G/F#]its easy yo[Em]u know,[G/D]
[C]You can be [C/B]awkward, [Am]you can be [D]slow,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D/F#]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]

Verse 3
[G]Off in the [D/F#]distance, the [Em]game's dragging [G]on,
There's [C]strikes on the [C/B]batter, some [Am]runners are [D/F#]on,
I [C]don't know the [D]inning, I've for[C]gotten the [D]score.
The [G]whole team is [G/F#]yelling and I [Em]don't know what for,
[C]Suddenly everyone's [Am]looking at me,
My [C/G]mind has been wandering, [D/F#]what could it be?
They [F]point to the sky and I look up above,
And the [D/F#]baseball falls into my glove!

Chorus 2
Here in [G]right [G/F#]field, Its im[Em]portant you [G/D]know,
You gotta [C]know how to [C/B]catch, you gotta [Am]know how to [D]throw,
That's why [C]I'm here in [D]right field,
Just [C]watching the [D]dandelions [G]grow.[C][G]