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Keep Me From Harm Chords

                       Keep Me From Harm - Peter Murphy
Tabbed by: Myself
Tuning: Standard
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This is the first track off of Peter Murphy's Holy Smoke album. It is easy enough to 
play in standard, but I find that it's aided with a capo on 1; the chords in this tab are 
just standard tuning.

--Verse Chords--

Cm          Bb      F      D#
  Health is all I'm asking for

--Pre-Chorus Chords--

Cm                            Bb
  It was then that I lost you,  was dragged there too

--Chorus Chords--

Gm   F   D#
Love me, hold me

--Outro Chords--

F      D#      F       D#
Lay me down to sleep