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From: (Chris Tapio)

Secret World (Peter Gabriel)

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     I stood in this unsheltered place
D                                D/B
     'Til I could see the face behind the face     
Bm/G                      A               D

All that had gone before had left no trace
D                                    D/B

      Down by the railway siding
G                 D/Gb

In our secret world, we were colliding
       G                D/A

      All the places we were hiding love
G                    A/Gb    A      D/B

      What was it we were thinking of?
G                 A                D

So I watch you wash your hair
Underwater, unaware
And the plane flies through the air

Did you think I didn't have to choose it
That I alone could win or lose it
In all the places we were hiding love
What was it we were thinking of?
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In this house of make believe
Divided in two like Adam and Eve
You put out and I receive


[D bass riff]

Oh the wheel it is turning spinning round and round
       D                            D

And the house it is crumbling but the stairways stand
        D                             D

C/D                     D

With no guilt and no shame, no sorrow or blame
        D                      D

Whatever it is, we are all the same
    D                  D

    Making it up in our secret world
C/D                     D

    Making it up in our secret world
C/D                     D

    Making it up in our secret world
C/D                     D

    Shaking it up    
C              G

    Breaking it up
C               G

    Making it up in our secret world
C             G         D

Seeing things that were not there
On a wing, on a prayer
In this state of disrepair


Ssh, listen....

End Section:

D G/D D, C/D G/D D

[repeat to end]

	// What makes mass society so difficult to bear  //
	// is not the number of people involved...but    //
	// the fact that the world between them has lost //
	// its power to gather them together, to relate  //
	// and to separate them. -- Hannah Arendt, 1958  //
	//  Chris Tapio     //