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Suspicious Minds Chords

This is Pete's cover of the Elvis song. Its a bonus track on his second
album "The Day I Forgot".

Chords used

G  320033
C  X32010
D  XX0232
Bm X24432
Em 022000


G                      C
We're caught in a trap, I cant walk out

D           C               G           
because I love you too much baby

G                    C
Oh why can't you see, what your doing to me

D            C               G           C           D
When you dont believe a word im saying


C              G
We can't go on together

Bm             C
With suspicious minds
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Em              Bm
and we can't build our dreams

C             D
On suspicious minds

Verse 2

So if an old friend I know, drops by to say hello
will I still see suspicion in your eyes
here we go again, asking where I've been
can't you see the tears are real I'm crying

Chorus same


Em        Bm
Oh let our love survive

C           D
I'll dry the tears from your eyes

Em             Bm
Just dont let a good thing die

C              D                 G         C    G    D
Cause honey you know I'll never lie to you

D            G          C     D      G
Hmmmmmm   yeah    yeah

Then the first verse is played over a few times

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