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Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 16:00:30 -0500 (EST)
From: H Joseph Alspach III 
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I heard this one on the Beautiful Girls soundtrack. Enjoy, Droge fans.
                                                    - Joe
			          Beautiful Girl by
                                     Pete Droge
F#m A D Bm
F#m                                           A
I woke up near Redinhour??? square there was boys in the hall snow
                             D                                      Bm
flowing the air and I could see just then a flashing spark of the match

to my first smoke.

(same pattern)

Some houses are built to last it's the people inside that change too fast
I can see their faces every time I look they're not where they belong.


A                  D                        Bm                      E
I wanna stay with you babe won't you let me stay you're a beautiful girl
A               D                   Bm                     E
Right where I belong babe here with you you're a beautiful girl


I can see your feet at the edge of the bed while an old love song's
creeping into your head and as your eyes just closed I could only guess
if you've dreamed of me again.
Stain glass casts a flickering light with the curtains closed I can't
tell if it's light but I know for sure that this sure feels right with
you here between my arms.

(fade out)