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Countin Down The Days Chords

Sorry, it's not completely right.  It's the Chords version, not necessarily
the same exact version on the CD, but better than nothin right?  Here goes: 

Intro and Verse 1 ("I Remember what seems like yesterday..."
E, Esus

Chorus ("When I die i'll see something beautiful..."
A, E, C#m, E, A, E, E2, E

Verse 2 (You're the one who taught me...")
E, ? barred


[ Tab from: ]
Part right after Chorus 2(bridge?)
C#m, E, C#m, E, C#m, E, C#m, E


Ending Part ("Goodbye, I love you...")
C#m, E, E2, E over and over again

Chord Fingering:
Esus?: X33300
E: 022300
E2: 022302
C#m: xx2120
A: x02220
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