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I found this on

This tab is by Todd Weise but I figured the ending out.

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Tab Dood: Todd Weise  or 

Date:    5/6/98
Band: Paw
Album: Dragline (A&M Records)
Song: "Gasoline"

This is not my song, I don't claim to have written it or anything like such.
So if someone sicks a lawyer on me... well I don't condone using my
interpretation of the guitar lines for money or anything like that.  ; )

Sound/tone wise:  Grant Uses two amps live (at least both times I saw them).
One is totally dirty, and one is clean to overdriven (based on the guitar's volume)
He was using a morley AB box to switch between them or blend them on the Dragline tour.
The cleaner sound blended in adds claritry and even some punch to rhythm parts.

I'm still working on this one folks.  This beginning part is right, and a similar part
is played throughout the rest of the song during the intro for the Chorus part.
The third part is a slow picked out part.. which I'm not totally sure what Grant is
playing... I'll put down something that is somewhat close.
The final 2 parts ...the ones after the breakdown is something I just haven't really taken
the time to work out either.

A------4--4-4-4--4-4-4--4---3--3-3-3--------7-7-----repeat until------------|
E------2--0-0-2--0-0-2--0---1--0-0-1--slide-5-5-----beat changes------------|
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I use all downstrokes on all these...
When the beat kicks in doubletime... play the Gflat..but I think the F changes to
Em.. and you don't slide up to the A..but I'm not sure

Part 3.. slow part of chorus
I'm really not sure about this..  but use this as a start


Part 5
After the wahwah solo... at about 3:42 .. the "yeah I've heard it all before" part

    {-----part A-------}    last----------------|        G    A#

Sorry guys..but I'm only gonna put that up there.. hopefully you can figure out
where to play those parts.. the G and the A# thing are what end that riff.
The part A of the riff is actually played I think twice before the to chords
are played.  And actually one of the last times that part A is played it ends with the
G and D strings fingered at the 7th fret.


Now to what I found:

                                     ^  ^ ^   ^  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^  ^ ^ ^
I did this off of memory so the last notes here (^)might be wrong.  This is
played at the "I've heard it all before, I know nothing is gonna change" parts.