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Kodachrome Chords

this song works on the down beat.  for those of you who don't know
waht that is if you were counting 1   and   2  and 3   and 4 you play
on the "and"  if you got any questions mail me at IZILUDE@HOTMAIL.COM

this is the right way to play it and the right key.

E      A     F#m      B      E  A

               E                                A
when i think back on all the crap i learned in high school
F#m          B               E   A
its a wonder i can think at all
         E                       A
but my lack of education never hurt me none.
F#m              B               E
i can read the writing on the wall
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        A  Fm  F#m              B            E
Kodachrome oh ohm give us the nice bright colors
              A          F#m
give us the greens of summer
          B         E           A  Fm F#m
and make all the world a sunny day oh ya
          B       E
i got a nice contender
                   A       F#m
love to take the photographs
                 B     E            A    G#/E   F#m
so momma don't take my kodachrome away


If I took all the girls i new when i was single
brought them all together for one night
I know they never match my sweet imagination
Everything looks worse in black in white


play this the rest of the song

A    G#/E   F#m

and after 4 measures make it faster.

and thats it