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Three Days Tab

"Three Days"
Pat Green and Radney Foster
Album:  Three Days

Pat went with the JACKOPIERCE "open chords" with this one.

Intro:  Asus2---B(power)---Csus2---B(power)  (repeat)

Asus2                B(power)
Wake up, what you been dreaming about

Csus2                      Bpower                      Asus2
I ain't got a lot to say, but I could talk to you for hours

The way you talk, the way you breathe

     Csus2                     Bpower
The way that you spirit moves into me

 Asus2    Bpwr       Csus2          Bpwr
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up


       E                       Csus2
I got three days to wash the road out of my soul

       A(power)                     Bpwr
I got three days to love you out of control

       E                        Csus2
And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way
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A(power)                    Bpwr
Love can do some healing, in just three days


(same chord progression in verse 2 as in verse 1)
Yeah, and hold me and help me understand
Why on earth I have to be such a stupid man
To live the way I do, dream the dreams I dream
So far away from you, yeah
Hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me


Asus2                              Bpwr
Three days and nights to put some life back in this man

I aint holding nothing back

You got all I am

Asus2                 Bpwr                              Csus2
Hearts and souls and dreams in the palm of your hand


Song ends in "E"

Chord notation:

   Asus2         Bpower          Csus2    Apower
e----0---       e----0---       e---0---      e---0---|
B---0---        B---0---        B---0---      B---0---|
G---2---        G---4---        G---6---      C---6---|
D---2---        D---4---        D---6---      D---7---|
A---0---        A---2---        A---4---      A---7---|
E---X---        E---0---        E---0---      E---5---|