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You Song 
Parokya Ni Edgar 
Sang by: Gab

This is kinda accurate so try it.

Verse 1:
    C9       G
It took one look
      Am                  F
Than forever lay out in front of me
      C9          G
One smile then I died
     Am                         F - Fsus
But I do need to be revived by you

Verse 2:
There I was
           G                     Am 
Thought I had everything figured out
 F                                 C9
Just goes to show just how much I know
           G             Am   F - Fsus   
'Bout the way life plays out...
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   C9       G    F
I take one step away
        Am            G     C9      G
Then I find myself coming back to you
   F             Am       G    C9    G - Am - F - Fsus
My one and only, one and only you...ooh...

(The next verses follow the chord same pattern as the first two)

Verse 3:
Now I know 
That I know not a thing at all
Except the fact that I am yours
And that you are mine

Verse 4:
      G                              F  Fsus-F
They told me that this wouldn't be easy
And I know 
     G                    F  -  Fsus
That I'm not one to complain...

(Chorus 2x) 

Chorus this time is sang one step higher then continue chorus by deleting "you...ooh..." then end with


[ C!C@tr!x ]