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Name Fun Chords

2 chord lng ito pero meron silang distorted at naka palm mute

eto un unang E ginamt at ska A,.
E             A
E-------    E-------
B-------    B-2-----
G-1-----    G-2-----
D-2-----    D-2-----
A-2-----    A-------
E-------    E-------

e2 naman un pangalawang E ginamnt at saka A..Pareho silang nka power chord at ska naka palm mute..

Pagganito ang chord naka power at nka mute pero meron di minsan walang pm..
   E                 A
E power chord      A power chords
E-------------    E--------------
B-------------    B--------------
G-------------    G--------------
D---99999999--    D--------------
A---77777777--    A---777777777--
E-------------    E---555555555--

E              A
Come on everyone
E                A
I say, let's have fun
E                   A
I say i can make a game
E                 A
Out of anybody's name
E                   A
The name of the game (the name of the game)
E           A
Is name fuuun 
E                 A
It's just a little easy,
E            A puase
So let's begun (begin)

stram nyo lng nka power ito pero hndi nka mute
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Well first you need a name 
E                         A
Of course from a friend or not 
E                            A
But it's better if its from a friend and not
E                                  A
Because it may difficult if you forgot the name

nka mute na ito

E               A
The first thing you do
E                   A
Is say the name two times
E                    A
And then you say "popo"
E                    A
Even though it doesn't rhyme
E                 A
And then you say "amee"
E                   A
And then you say "mamomony"
E                    A
And then you say the name
E                      A
And that's the end of the game

strm nanaman ito..
E                                        A
I hope you understand the rules and the words by heart
E                             A
'cuz without further ado, i would like to starT
E                               A
'cuz ready or not, i hope you're ready
E                           A
'cuz ready or not, let's do tony!