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                 Mr. Suave
               Parokya ni edgar

the whole song is Bm-E-A-F#m
For the plucking, just make up your own one coz i'm not sure of mine
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Intro: Bm-E-A-F#m (plucking)
Verses: Bm-E-A-F#m (plucking)
        after the last word before the chorus, break the sound
Chorus: Bm-E-A-F#m (strumming)
       Strumming pattern:
Bridge: (Kaya't wag...)
        same as chorus
Ending: (At kung...)
        same as verse
And finally, Do chorus chords to fade..

ds-down strumm
us-up strumm
stop- stop sound

that's pretty much it...