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For You Chords


Intro: C#m7-C#m9-A-Bm9-B7sus-E----	(Do intro by plucking except E)

Bвк F#m				Bm9
For you I give a lifetime of stability
Anything you want of me 
Oh! Nothing is impossible 
Bвк F#m						Bm9 
For you there are no words, no ways to show my love 
Or all the thoughts I'm thinking of

Refrain I
          C#m7	            A
'Coz this life is no good alone
          G#m7	           G#7	C#m7 
Since we become one I made a change 
      A			Bm9	A9/F#
Everything I do now makes sense 
	   B7sus	   Bm9  E---
All roads end, all I do is for you

Bвк F#m				      Bm9
For you I share a cup of love that overflows 
And anyone who knows this knows
I would change the faults I have 
Bвк F#m				     Bm9
For you there is no low or high or in-between
Of my heart you haven't seen

Refrain II
	 C#m7		   A
'Coz I share all I have in end
            G#m7	G#7	C#m7
Nothing is said hard to understand 
       A		Bm9	A9/F#
And I feel, I feel deeper still
	    B7sus	          Bm7	E---	
And always will, all this love is for you
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Every note that I play
        G#m7 	    G#7
Every word I might say    
        C#m9	C#m7
Every melody I feel 
	      A	      	    Bm9
Are only for you when you feel 
Every page that I write 
     G#m7       G#7
Everyday of my life 
	      C#m9		C#m7
Would not be filled without a thing 
		  A	      Bm9
That my love for you now brings

     F#m			Bm9
For you I make a promise of fidelity
Now and for eternity
No one could replace this vow 
Bвк F#m					 Bm9
For You I take your hand and heart and everything
And after that a wedding ring

Refrain III
	    C#m7	       A
'Coz this life is no good alone
	    G#m7          G#7	  C#m7 
Since we become one you're all I know
	    A		Bm9	A9/F#
If this feeling should leave I die
	     B7sus	        B   E---
And here is why , all I am is for you 
      C#m7		Bm7   A
Everything I do now make sense 
All roads end, all I do is for you
Outro: E-A9-(2x) Bm9-E 		( Do outro by plucking)

Legend tells us that:
вк - quick change of chords (E.g. Bвк F#m)

Title: For You
Original artist: Kenny(Lattimore or Latimore)
Revised by: Paolo Santos
Tabbed by: Christian A. Pastores

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