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Song By: Paolo Santos
Tabbed By: Mulawin Galang
Note: To get right strumming pattern,
listen to the song while playing it..
This the real version not the version
in his album "Wave Sessions". Enjoy!
Standard Tuning EADGBE
Capo on 2nd Fret
Chord Listing:
|   EADGBE |
|	   |
|Am x02230 |
|Bm x24452 |
|Em x22000 |
|D  xx0232 |
|C9 x32033 |
|G  320033 |

Intro: Em-D-C9 2x

Verse 1
Em    D    C9
Nothing in life
           Em    D         C9 
Holds more power than your smile 
Em    D     C9
I can't describe it
     Em     D    C9 
Even harder to define 

C9              D        Em
Your breath, it soothes me 
C9             D      Em
Your smile, it moves me
           Am                D
Gotta move in, closer to you now. 
[ Tab from: ]
C9  G       D    Em 
Nothing can come between us
C9  G   D       Em  
Nothing can separate us
C9  G   D        Em       C9 
Nothing can ever break us apart 

(Single Strum)
         Am   Bm
Well, it only shows
       C9		  D
That nothing can keep us...

(Back to regular strumming pattern)
From getting... Close... 

Verse 2:
Em    D      C9
In a crowded room 
           Em    D     C9
Feels like being miles apart 
Em  D       C9
My eyes on you
                Em     D         C9 
Reflects what's deep inside my heart 


Adlib: Em-D-C9 2x

(Pre Chorus But Single Strum or Plucking Per Chord except "D")
(Chorus 2x)

        Am       Bm
Well it goes to show
     C9 		  D
That nothing could keep us

From getting close    4x

Em-D-C9 4x

This song is dedicated to all my friends! Animo La Salle Greenhills!
Corrections, comments, email I learn from you people..
Enjoy! P.S. Play this to your girlfriend! haha! =p