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Regular People Bass Tab

Song: Regular People (Conciet) - from the best damn pantera album ever!
Artist: Pantera
Tabber: Niall 'Clitz' (
Tuning: STANDARD (G, D, A, E)
Note: this ones for chovav, you requested it, so here it is play till your
hearts content, no weird tunings, standard is fine.
up and down picking recommend, it takes a while to get to grips with it 
but it can be done - Rex basically follows the guitar.
these are the main licks, their maybe other riffs i forgot to add but they're 
probably insignificant and easy to figure out by yourself.
corrections, comments, requests and all that other shit is welcome


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Difficult lick (there is a way round this if you cant get it, just play open E's to
the rythem)


The not so difficult riff (the second one, if bends down sound right do slides )


I think that does it, enjoy it, its a good song and one fuckin good album!
until the next good request, signing off.