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To get the right tone from the Pantera album "Cowboys From Hell," 
you don't have to buy a million dollar tube amp. Most of the Pantera
tone that makes Dimebag Darrell famous is in the tunings that he uses
on his guitars.
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For the album, Dimebag tuned his guitar to standard E tuning on all 
songs but Primal Concrete Sledge(that's in dropped D). The secret to 
matching his sound is tuning to standard or dropped D but setting your
tuner's frequency to 437hz. That will insure that you get a lot of the
sound that makes Dimebag a great. You'll also notice the difference 
straight away because most guitarists use 440hz.

Other songs in different frequencies include:
I'm broken-C# 445hz
5 minutes alone-Dropped C# 445hz
Planet Caravan-Eb 445hz
A New Level-Dropped C# 445hz
Walk-Dropped C# 445hz

More than half of the songs on other albums are in 445hz tuning.