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E No Easy Chords

First time here. Hopefully these chords are close to accurate. Let me know what 
you think. You can also place your capo anywhere to suit your voice. Have a fun jamming seshh!


Am    D                   Em     Em
 Baba God na your hand work hey.

    Am        D                Em
No be lie iye, na your hand work hey. 
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/p_square/e_no_easy_crd.html ]
I say, e no easy hey.

 D             Em  
Oh oh, oh oh... To dey sing and
dey dance and the people dey rejoice

Am D  Em                         Am     D
hey. My brother, my sister no be today. 
If e good or bad, make we dey thank God

Am       D
hey. Baba God na your hand work


These chords pretty much runs through the whole song.