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Dont Give Up On Us Chords

"Don't Give Up On Us"
David Soul Cover by Owen Wilson on Starsky and Hutch

Chords used:
    A    Amaj7    Bm    E    C#m    F#m    D    
e|--0------0------2-----0-----4------2-----2--- |

           A              Amaj7
Don't give up on us baby.

               Bm         E
Don't make the wrong seem right.
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    C#m                   F#m
The Futire isn't just one night.

D(slow)            A(slow)  
It's written in the moonlight. 

D(normal)     A(normal)
Panted on the stars.

We can't change ours.

           A              Amaj7
Don't give up on us baby, 

           Bm              E
Lord knows we've come this far

C#m                      F#m
Can't we stay the way we are?

D(slow)           A(slow)
The angel and the (?).

D(normal)             A(normal)
Who sometimes plays a fool.

      D                       E                 A
Don't give up on a side note, we can still come through.