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ok this is my first tab and is my own version because they play is Eb...and this is in standard...
sounds right on though....my 1st tab so b nice...comments go 2 zaoguitarguy@yahoo.com

Cm                       G#                                  Cm
I walked around my good intentions and found that there were none

                          G#                       Cm
I blame my father for the wasted years, we hardly talked

I never thought I would forget this hate
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       F                             G#
then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong

    G/?(365343)          G#       Bb
And if I don't make it known that I've loved you all along

G/?         G#     Bb
just like sunny days that we ignore because 

G/?         G#      Bb
we're all dumb & jaded

      D#(x577xx)             Cm               Bb
and I hope to God I figure out what's wrong

SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST....didnt do the solo or anything cuz if u r willing 2
learn them then ull be fine de-tunning your guitar..