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Saccarine Tab

by Otherwise Eden

A kind of 3-year work in progress for OE.  It started as a pop song, and has turned itself into
a fingerpicking/folk hybrid.  Be careful of the timing in this song; because it’s so off-beat, if
you play it out of rhythm even slightly, it sounds horrible.  Not very fun to play live, but a 
good way to pass the time.  As usual, winterheart1511@yahoo.com for any comments or questions.

Tuning -- E B B F# B c#
Capo on 1st

E stays E
A up to B
D down to B
G down to F#
B stays B
E down to c#

riff 1.1 (alternate picking and strumming)
    Am                F               C
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riff 2 (do not let ring)
|--------------------------------(7)---| |--------------------|
|--------------------------------(7)--o| |----0---------------|
|-------------------h9p7-9vvv---0------| |------4p0-----------|
|--------------7-9---------------------| |----------0h2/4vvv--|
|---2h4-/4\2/4---0--------------------o| |--------------------|
|---2h4----------0---------------------| |--2-----------0-----|
    G Am         F             repeat 2x    G           F

riff 1.2 (heavy strumming)
    F   c#  A#

lead riff (let ring)
    Am            F              C                   B#

For the chorus, play riffs 1.1 & 1.2 twice each, in that order. Since this is a lyric song, 
the guitar definition is a lot more subdued than it usually is with our material.  On the last
fingered note in the mini-solo (the 7th on the high e string), use an Ebow to pull as much 
crescendo out of that note aspossible.  If you don’t have an Ebow, then just play as is, i
guess, though you’re missing out on one of the best parts of playing the song.

Saturday, 9:22 am