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In A Satellite Rides A Star Chords

It's not quite done yet, but I'm working on it.
This song is really easy in terms of chords. The only "hard" part is the rythmn.
It's played in D tuning, like most if not all Old 97's songs. 

The Chord patterns are the same they are as follows ... 

C and F 

Intro C F 

C                      F
Time knows you're done,time has your file 
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F                                             C
I'm in the middle of letters you sign in your cursive, cusive style 

C                  F
Goin' down to none is different for boys and girls 

F                                     C
I got your number, I know who you are you're a satellite on the world 

C                                            F 
And I feel is slowin', and I feel it slowin' down x2