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Conquering Fools Tab

Conquering Fools(live)

Verse & Chorus

	 Em     C#m      Am     Bm	  

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Em		      C#m   	
set out on the voyage of the conquering fools
Am		      Bm
looking for the gold and the modern day jewels
Em		   C#m
it come to pass what was stuck in my head
Am			 Bm
if i didn't quit on looking then i'm probably dead

Chorus- played at a reggae pace

Em		C#m
i hit the road and i rolled up north
Am		      Bm
looking for the origin, the place of my birth
Em	       C#m
i didn't notice when i ran a red sign
Am		     Bm
hoping that everything would really be fine

Strum Pattern

I = up stroke
V = down stroke