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About Mr Brown Chords

Of A Revolution
About Mr. Brown

This is from the live version on "Any Time Now."  The studio recordind might be in another key but, hey, whatever.  The verse is five chords, played in this order.  Pretty repetitive, but fun times if you play it with feeling.


      C     Em    Am    F     G
e ----8-----7-----5-----1-----3----
B ----8-----8-----5-----1-----3----
G ----9-----9-----6-----2-----4----
D ----10----9-----7-----3-----5----
A ----10----7-----7-----3-----5----
E ----8-----x-----5-----1-----3----
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/of_a_revolution/about_mr_brown_crd.html ]
For example:
      C              Em           Am           F   G
	What can you say about tomorrow?
      C              Em           Am           F   G	What do you know about my life?

You can also use your pinky on the high E string to do the little flair thingy while playing Am.

The bridge is the same chords in a different order:
     F                  G             C      Em    Am	WhatÕs that you say when the rain wonÕt go away?
     F                  G             C      Em    Am
	WhatÕs that you do when no oneÕs looking at you?